February 19, 2010

Er Coco Rocha feit?

Coco Rocha er ein af okkar uppáhaldsmódelum og í þriðja sæti yfir vinsælustu módelin á Style.com. Hún er svo falleg og lítur ekki út eins og hún sé að hrynja niður úr hungri. Hún er aðeins 22 ára gömul og hefur verið andlit tískuhúsa eins og D&G, Lanvin, Dior, Chanel, Balenciaga og YSL. Coco er ein þeirra fyrirsæta sem hefur talað opinberlega um átröskun í heimi tískunnar. Hún hefur undanfarið sætt gagnrýni erlendra dagblaða sem segja hana "of feita fyrir sýningapallana". Þetta er náttúrulega mesta vitleysa sem við höfum heyrt á ævinni og þess vegna vorum við mjög ánægðar að lesa svar hennar við þessari gagnrýni, hér er smá hluti af því, það var svo rosalega langt!

There has been quite the commotion over the recent articles about me in the New York Times and The New York Daily News. As only a few select statements of mine were printed I find it necessary to properly express my point of view, without outside editing. In the past few years I have not gained an extreme amount of weight, only an inch here and there as any young woman coming out of her teenage years would.

But this issue of model's weight is, and always has been, of concern to me. There are certain moral decisions which seem like no brainers to us. For example, not employing children in sweatshops, and not increasing the addictiveness of cigarettes. When designers, stylists or agents push children to take measures that lead to anorexia or other health problems in order to remain in the business, they are asking the public to ignore their moral conscience in favor of the art.

Surely, we all see how morally wrong it is for an adult to convince an already thin 15 year old that she is actually too fat. It is unforgivable that an adult should demand that the girl unnaturally lose the weight vital to keep her body functioning properly. How can any person justify an aesthetic that reduces a woman or child to an emaciated skeleton? Is it art? Surely fashion's aesthetic should enhance and beautify the human form, not destroy it.

There is division in the industry in this regard. Although there are those who don't consider a model's wellbeing, I have had the honor and privilege to work with some of the greatest designers, editors, stylists, photographers and agents who respect both new and well established models alike. I know there are many others out there who I haven't worked with who also agree with me on the stance on this issue.

The CFDA has tried so very hard to correct these matters. As of a few days ago at their annual meeting they found everyone in the room in agreement on changing the sample size as well as booking models over the age of 16. It's great to see how many people's hearts are in the right place because we must make these changes for the next generation of girls.

As a grown woman I can make decisions for myself. I can decide that I won't allow myself to be degraded at a casting - marching in my underwear with a group of young girls, poked, prodded and examined like cattle. I'm able to walk away from that treatment because I am established as a model and I'm an adult… but what about the young, struggling and aspiring models?

There are natural human standards in how we treat one another and how we treat children. There are those who continue to trample on these standards but there are also champions of a better way. I hope that the continued efforts of the CFDA and all those who hold these values in regard will bolster the opinion of those on the opposing side of the industry to ensure a true change for the better.

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